Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushes and Plates

DX & DU (Dry Bushes And Washers), DX is a quality material which is used for applications of dry lubrication and is used in textile machineries, induction furnace, and so on. We use DX to manufacture top class dry bushes and washers.

The DU (TFP) type bearing material is a PTFE and lead lining and is designed to operate without lubrication at temperatures between -200c and +280c. It can withstand specific loads up to 250/Nmm, dependent on conditions.

DU (TFP) type material is resistant to most solvents and many industrial liquids and gases, including water and oil, most of which improve its performance. It has negligible “stick slip”, is tolerant of dusty environments and does not accumulate static electricity. It is a conductor of electricity and can resist moderate levels of nuclear radiation.

During normal operation, a thin film from the PTFE lining is transferred to the mating surface and maintained there through the working life of the bearing. The back material of DU (TFP) type is normally mild steel.



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