Powder metallurgy or P/M is a highly developed method of manufacturing precision components of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and their alloys. Our process is divided into the following stages:


The process is mixing elemental or alloy metal powders and pressing the mixture in precision dies mounted in sophisticated presses to consolidate the mixture into the desired shape having adequate strength for ‘handling’ prior to sintering.


The formed compacts are transferred to a sintering furnace to metallurgically bind the particles under controlled atmosphere and temperature to produce a finished product of desired shape, porosity and strength.


The sintered component is then sized or coined to give the part very close final dimensions & high strength.


The final components are then impregnated with oil, especially in the case of self-lubricating bearings.

The entire process enables full utilisation of raw materials upto and more than 97% which makes the products most effective and the process therefore is energy and materials conserving.


Additional work on P/M components is sometimes necessary such as:

Heat treatment for wear resistance.
Machining, if and when required.
Deburring by barrelling.
Steam treatment

Advantages of the P/M Process:

Produces good surface finishes.
Precise tolerances accurately maintained.
Enables production of wide alloys.
Provides controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration.
Eliminates or minimises machining.
Reduction in scrap-fewer rejects and provides maximum material utilisation.

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